Police Car Auction – What to Know and Do Before Joining Auto Auctions

Many car aficionados are excited to attend a San Gabriel police car auction due to the variety of vehicles it showcases. If you are aiming to find rare auto models, then a police car auction is a good venue for your search. Here, classic sedans that go way back 1970, or even recent sports cars models, are available for purchase.

You can check with the Nationwide Auto Sales since LAPD contracts with them for car auctions. You can visit their office at 13005 E. Temple Avenue, City of Industry, CA 91746. They auction the cars during the first and third Saturday of the month.

You might wonder where these vehicles being sold come from. Most of these are service vehicles that are no longer in use. Others are those that are seized by police personnel during their operations. A public or government auto auction is then being held to offer these vehicles to the highest bidder. It must be noted too that people who go to auctions expect to buy automobiles at a lesser cost. This is why many auto enthusiasts troop to public auctions.

Another reminder for prospective participants is that not all vehicles found there are in running condition. Thus, it is important that you are equipped when you go to a San Gabriel police car auction. Remember that there are certain details you need to know and do before joining any San Gabriel auto auction. Here are some of those:

1. The first detail you should take note is the event date. Call up the enforcement unit if you see the announcement of an impending event. Try the LAPD if you do not mind traveling further. This is very important and understandable. In addition, you should know the exact location of the police auto auction’s venue. Likewise, take note of the time when the bidding is scheduled to start. It makes sense to go there first, as you would get the chance to view all the vehicles for sale. Normally, a San Gabriel police car auction will be held on a particular weekday, so be sure to apply for leave from your office.

2. Research is an important thing to do before the auction. When you go to a San Gabriel police car auction, be sure to have in mind what kind of automobile model you wish to purchase. Thus, doing research, especially on the specifications of the vehicle, will save you time. This idea would also be a factor in determining a reasonable bid for your chosen vehicle. A trip down to the official garages will be useful.

3. Money is the third important thing to be careful about in these events. Before going to the actual auto auction, you need to identify a budget. Just a warning, though, for when you win the bid, you are expected to pay for the vehicle immediately on the same day. Do not ask me why the police office in San Gabriel has such a rule. Hence, never bid an amount that you cannot afford. As an alternative, you may bring your credit card or personal check. However, call the appointed auctioneer and inquire whether they accept these forms of payment.

4. Finally, keep in mind that in auto auctions like this, there is no warranty. When you decide to purchase a car through such an event, always remember no warranty is included. This also means that you cannot just simply return the automobile if it does not meet your standards. Hence, make a wise decision when you go to a San Gabriel police car auction.

Auto Parts and Accessories For The 2007 Chevy HHR

Five different models of the 2007 Chevy HHR offer subtle differences in auto parts and accessories. Consider this a friendly guide to the world of Chevy HHR accessories. All the information about auto parts and accessories for these vehicles can be found at your local Chevy dealer or online, but this article is a good place to get you started.

The LS is the basic model and the lowest price. As such, the HHR accessories on this vehicle are fewest. However don’t let this deter you. You get a lot for what you pay for and there are plenty of add-on options. The Chevy HHR accessories included in the LS are a 149-horse power ECOTEC engine, remote keyless entry, power locks and doors, AM/FM/CD stereo system, and remote vehicle starter system available when you purchase the automatic transmission instead of standard. Some notable auto parts and accessory options are OnStar Navigation, four wheel antilock braking system, side impact air bags, MP3 player, and XM satellite radio.

The next step up from the LS is 1LT. This model sports the same standard HHR accessories as the lesser-priced LS model, but includes sixteen-inch custom-spoke painted silver metallic wheels, an eight-way power driver’s seat, thirty-six AM/FM radio presets, and MP3 player. The 1LT also has the same accessory options as the LS but with the addition of some wonderful features such as fog lamps, rear spoiler, sunroof, leather seats and steering wheel and a larger ECOTEC engine. The Chevy HHR 1LT is a more luxurious ride with more power and comfort than the LS.

The Panel LT is the next evolution in the HHR series. This model is very similar to the 1LT, with the obvious exception that there are no side windows behind the driver and passenger seats. The duty of this kind of vehicle is mostly for cargo, and the standard Chevy HHR accessory options are geared towards that job. Among the standards included are 175 horsepower ECOTEC engine, seventeen-inch painted aluminum wheels, gas-charged shocks and suspension, storage compartments in the rear floor, and rear power outlet. Optional auto parts and accessories for the Panel LT are leather interior, sunroof, and electronic traction control to stabilize the vehicle.

Next, we have the top of the line model: the Chevy HHR 2LT. While most of the standard auto parts and accessories on the other models are included on the 2LT, there are a few HHR accessories exclusive to the 2LT alone. The 2LT comes with four-wheel ABS brakes and an eight position adjustable driver’s seat. For the ultimate in listening pleasure, the 2LT is equipped with a seven-speaker Pioneer sound system. Another addition is a rear view mirror that automatically dims for daytime driving.

The final model of the Chevy HHR series is the 2LT Special Edition. This vehicle includes all the options of the 2LT but with curb appeal added to the mix. The standard auto parts and accessories include seventeen-inch black chrome wheels, black chrome exterior package, fog and head lamps with smoked lenses, black roof side rails, leather steering wheel, and exterior colour-keyed running boards and accent stripe.

If you’re looking for a sharp car at a reasonable price, the 2007 Chevy HHR has plenty of options for a wide range of budgets. From the five different models available, you will be sure to find the Chevy HHR with the auto parts and accessories you are looking for, and you’ll have a car that rises above the rest.

Nissan’s Auto Museum -The Ginza Gallery

It is widely known that Nissan is in the auto industry a long time and through the years, Nissan has introduced some of the most memorable auto models. These vehicles are now being showcased at the company’s auto museum in Tokyo.

The Ginza Gallery as it is called is located right in the middle of Tokyo’s shopping and business district. It combines the heritage of Nissan and the new auto models in its showroom. Unlike many auto museums, the Ginza Gallery is open to the public and is conveniently located in front of Nissan’s headquarters in the said city.

One of the vehicles on the gallery is the Nissan X-Trail – the compact crossover SUV that Nissan sells in the United States auto market. Its presence at the museum is proof that the gallery not only displays classic cars but also the new vehicles that Nissan produces. The X-Trail’s direct competitors are the Toyota RAV4 and the Honda CR-V. The X-Trail is assembled at Nissan’s facility in the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

A classic Nissan car displayed at the museum is the Fairlady. The roadster is considered as one of the best looking convertibles of its time. The Fairlady is the direct ancestor of the Z car which Nissan is known for. It was first produced by the car manufacturer in 1959 and was discontinued in 1970. Throughout its stint in the market, Nissan produced 40,000 units of the roadster. The Fairlady badge though is not used in other markets. Instead, it was marketed under the Datsun Sports name. The popularity of the Fairlady is due to the fact that they are a cheaper alternative to European sports cars.

Another classic Nissan car at the Ginza gallery is the 2000 GTX. The Skyline 2000 GTX benefited from the success of the Fairlady in the sense that the capability of the company to produce high performance vehicles is already made known to the car buying public. The 2000 GTX is rated to have a top speed of 120 miles per hour. The reputation and the power of the 2000 GTX made it a big success since like the Fairlady, it is competitively priced. In fact, the 2000 GTX is used by celebrity racing enthusiasts.

Another classic model showcased at Nissan’s auto museum is the Nissan Silvia introduced in 1964. The sport coupe debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show that year and is known to be hand-built and based on the Fairlady. The fact that every Nissan Silvia was hand-built made the coupe an expensive one. From 1964 to 1968 when production was discontinued, there were 554 units of this car that was produced. Most of these cars were sold in Japan while 49 units where exported to Australia and ten more were sent to other parts of the world.

While production for the vehicle was discontinued in 1968, the Silvia will return once again to Nissan’s lineup in 1974 and was once again discontinued in 2002. In its first stint in the market, the Silvia did not attract much attention from car buyers, but in its revival in the 1970s, its popularity took off giving Nissan’s S chassis its place in the annals of the auto industry.

Another classic car displayed at the museum is the Datsun Cherry. The car family is the first Nissan vehicle to use a front-wheel drive configuration. The subcompact car is later named as the Nissan Pulsar although in some markets, it is still called the Cherry. Like its contemporaries in Datsun’s lineup, it is also engineered to be a fast car. In fact, a coupe version of the Cherry made appearances in the Japanese race circuit in the early 1970s.

Another classic model in display at the museum is the Nissan Laurel which was introduced by the company in 1968. It was intended to fill the gap between the Bluebird and the Nissan Cedric during that time. The Laurel is only marketed in select Asian and European car markets. Through its stint in Nissan’s lineup, the Laurel underwent ten generation of redesigns. Unlike the Cherry, the Laurel used the rear-wheel drive configuration.

The last vehicle on display at the museum is the Nissan Cedric. The Cedric was first introduced in 1960 and remains in Nissan’s lineup to this day making it one of Nissan’s longest running models. The Cedric is a large luxury car and is easily recognizable as a Nissan car. Its present model uses the same design concepts used by other Nissan cars from the nose, fender, Nissan door handles, and rear bumper.

Why Videos Are a Great Way of Promoting Your Auto Dealership Online

When searching for products online, users prefer to refer businesses that present their products/services in an easily understandable way. Presentation becomes especially important when the business is product oriented and the purchase is made through virtual means (i.e. the Internet).

While virtualization of your dealership showroom is extremely significant in establishing your business online, it does not help in marketing your business. Videos are the perfect solution for marketing your dealership online. Short, detailed and engaging videos can be appealing to your customers; they help your customers make purchase-decisions easily. Further, with the Internet providing many platforms to market your videos, you are sure to catch the attention of more people on the web.

In this article, we will discuss why videos are a great way of promoting your auto dealership online.

Huge numbers of Internet users watch online videos

A report presented by comScore Video Metrix has revealed that in the month of April 2012, a record breaking online video ad views were registered – 9.5 billion video ad views by U.S. Internet users (this is a huge increase form 3.8 billion views in April, 2011).

Hence, with a lot of the online population becoming more receptive to video advertising, it can be assured that videos can bring a great amount of traffic for your business, thus proving to be good ways of promoting your auto dealership online.

Clear explanation of various auto models
Videos provide a great opportunity for auto dealers to showcase their products virtually. Since an automotive purchase is such a huge investment, customers are keen to know each and every detail about the design, functioning and special features of the model. Though text and pictures can serve this purpose to some extent, they are not as convincing as videos. Moreover, videos give a 360 degree view of the product that is very much similar to the experience of visiting an auto showroom personally.

Highly interactive
When surfing through your website, users may find it boring to read through lots of content in order to get to know your business. But if all of the data about your business, products and services you offer is summarized in the form of a video, it is less time consuming and is highly captivating.

Also, introducing your staff members, your business premises or explaining the features of a model through a sales representative (rather than an animated speaker) in your video, can establish a personal connection with the customer and make the video more interactive.

Can be easily linked to social media
Since videos are highly viral and connect to the audience more easily, they are widely shared on the net. They can also be easily linked and shared on social platforms. Though a good video can go viral on any social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, etc., there are special video websites, where you can list your video in order to promote it. A few examples of these video promoting platforms are YouTube, Google videos, Yahoo videos, MySpace videos, etc.

Effective in converting leads into sales
Videos are more convincing than texts or pictures in passing a message and creating a call to action. The very fact that videos help you provide detailed and clear demonstration of your auto models to the targeted audience is a huge selling factor. This helps them make the purchase decisions easily, thus transforming the leads in to sales. Videos can also be customized for mobile websites, increasing your potential online market.

Can be optimized for relevant keywords
Interestingly, videos too can be optimized for search engines, thus, proving to be more efficient means of marketing on web. Hence, while promoting your videos, make sure that you choose your keywords carefully for which the video is optimized, so that your target audiences are more likely to find your videos.

You can even promote your videos through press releases on local press release websites or on general free press release websites. Also, it is important to update your videos constantly, as you update your web pages.

A good video surely catches the attention of your audience. Hence, by efficiently delivering your message, you can engage your prospects in an effective way, which in turn boosts your auto business.