Excellent Auto Scan Tool – OBD2 Scanner

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to know the problems your car encountered at anytime anywhere, why not get your own scanner or an OBD2 code reader.

An OBD2 scanner is actually a gadget that allows the execution of a diagnostic evaluation of your car. You can go ahead and detect any possible problem that leads to car constant or motor difficulty. OBD is short for on-board diagnostic that can benefit auto operators.

There are basically two types of code readers today. The first is more costly and incorporates codes OBD 1 cars. Another is the basis of the OBD 2scanners that only with more recent auto models.

OBD2 scanners, or OBD2 readers will help provide updated specification of auto status. And it’ll help to prevent any engine problem that could happen in the long run at the same time as it will alert the owner when certain problems happens or will happen.

For people who are struggling with the car frequently, the OBD2 scanner would be your wise choice. It will not only spot the problem of the car with precision, but help to save a lot of time, energy and money.

OBD2 scanners help any car owner to make repairs via providing detailed diagnostic information of the car. When it’s plugged into your car, it’ll provide real-time data on the status of the engine and give a complete and detail by detailed examination of what is inside of your engine.

Nowadays you may also discover more advanced OBD2 scanners available. They contain unique features standard models didn’t have, such as assessing the overall performance of the car that is perfect for use during weekend trips. The technology used for these scanners are useful for your configuration.

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A Sneak Preview of the 2012 Chicago Auto Show

The Chicago auto show that is held annually is definitely one of the most popular events that most car manufacturers wouldn’t want to miss. This is because the auto show allows them to unveil and launch the latest and the upcoming vehicle models that they want to introduce into the market within a year as well as those that they intend to release in the near future.

The auto show also serves as one of the most effective options for car these car makers to present the latest car models into the buying public hoping that doing this would eventually increase the demand for the vehicles that they offer. Due to this fact, the 2012 Chicago auto show became a venue for the launching of the different vehicle line-ups that might hit the market this year.  Among the most popular car makers who participated in this year’s Chicago auto show are the following.

1. Volkswagen

Volkswagen has presented the North American version of the VW Beetle at the Chicago auto show. This event has also marked the availability of the diesel engine-propelled Beetle in the United States and the rest of the North American market. The presentation revealed some of the significant changes that Volkswagen has implemented on its longest running model expecting that these would encourage more buyers to purchase the iconic Beetle.

2. Toyota

Toyota took the opportunity to unveil the mid-cycle refreshed Land Cruiser at the 2012 Chicago auto show. Toyota has upgraded the Land Cruiser’s looks and other features to make this more attractive to buyers. The upgrades that Toyota has conducted are aimed to improve the vehicle’s appeal to buyers since Toyota has somehow realized that the Land Cruiser is one of the company’s rarely purchased models in the US despite of its impressive performance and features. Aside from the Land Cruiser, Toyota has also unveiled the more luxurious Lexus LX 570 during this event.

3. Nissan

Just like Toyota, Nissan has also featured two of its latest models at the Chicago auto show. The first model was the mid-cycle upgraded 370Z sports car. Nissan has upgraded the 370Z and this effort has provided the sports car with a new look and a number of added features. In addition to this, Nissan launched the 12-passenger version of the NV200 to cater to the needs of buyers who are in the market for vehicles with larger interior and cargo space.

4. Kia

The 2012 Chicago auto show also served as the venue for Kia’s presentation of the Track’ster concept. The Track’ster was a two-door sport-oriented version of the Kia Soul and this is intended to capture the segment dominated by younger buyers who prefer to purchase cars with unique styling and features.

Clarke Focus Auto Scrubber

Clarke offers a complete line of auto scrubbers to fit any need or environment. With 6 mid-size models to choose from, all easy operating and efficient, it has never been easier to find a floor scrubber that is so versatile, dependable, and environmentally friendly. This equipment offered by Clarke provides increased capacity, longer running times and efficient solution control and usage.

The 6 mid-size models of Clarke auto scrubbers are: Focus II Mid Size BOOST 28 & 32, Focus II Mid Size Disc 26, 28 & 34, and the Focus II mid Size Cylindrical 28. Featured benefits found on each model include: ergonomically placed yellow palm buttons that control forward motion and start the brush motors and solution flow, onboard battery charger, urethane squeegee blades for longer wear, chemical resistance and quiet pick-up (no squeaking), adjustable squeegee knob, rear solution fill, large 23 gallon capacity solution and recovery tanks, gimble mounted brushes and pad drivers, large diameter foam-filled wheels for smoother, slip free operation and finally, a patented Pulse Modulated Solution Control system that offers a consistent and controlled application of solution.

In addition to the already listed attributes, each model has a one-touch control panel with ergonomically designed control for the ease and comfort of the operator. An optional off-aisle wand kit is offered that contains a telescoping wand for compact, convenient storage and allows the operator to clean an increased variety of areas and environments. Key safety features are included that assure the safety of the operator as well as the environment being cleaned. These features include a security key switch, safety yellow palm switches, thermal overload protection, and an excellent line of sight that reduces the likelihood of accidents. Each model also offers easy access to the battery compartment and the battery compartment has been designed to contain any liquid spills.

On the Clarke Focus II Mid Size BOOST models (28 & 32), floor finish can be removed without chemicals, eliminating the costs associated with pricey solutions and additional labor. This feature of the BOOST models is also incredibly environmentally friendly because chemicals are eliminated and the resulting environmental air quality is superior to those found where chemicals are used. The other nice feature of the BOOST models is the high speed agitation that offers superior cleaning performance and also has the ability to wet shine the floor which, in turn, reduces burnishing requirements.

Other features that make all 6 models of Clarke auto scrubbers environmentally friendly include: low sound level (65 decibels BOOST models), the conservation of solution due to precise measuring, onboard battery charger (contained spills), and solution and brush cut-off when machine is in neutral (energy saving feature).

Like any Clarke floor equipment or parts, there is a full line available for all of the Mid Size floor scrubbers including a complete line of squeegees, brushes and pads including BOOST wet screens for refinishing gym floors. Other accessories include a battery maintenance system, chemical mixing system kit, hour meter kit, squeegee blade kits, and the already mentioned off-aisle wand kit.

Overall, Clarke Mid Size auto scrubbers are a smart choice because of all of the versatility offered in the 6 model line. Clarke floor equipment and parts can be found locally with a trusted retailer or found online with reputable online stores.

Auto Restoration: Keep Your Car Looking Brand New Forever

It’s no secret that most car owners love their cars. People take pride in their cars, striving to keep them looking and running great for years to come. However, every vehicle is prone to wear and tear. Car owners, however, do not have to fear; auto restoration is available to keep their car looking forever young.

Auto body restoration is the process in which a vehicle is repaired to its authentic condition. The older your vehicle is, the more likely it is that it has suffered some kind of damage. If you love your car, you should treat it as such, which is why restoring your car is the perfect investment, no matter which model or make you drive.

Here at Northwest Auto Collision, our technicians specialize in a variety of makes and models.

Acura and Honda: Hondas are some of the most popular vehicles on the road, and we will take care of yours from start to finish. Whether you have a classic, such as a Civic or CRV, a more specialized model, such as the Insight or Focus, or if your model has been discontinued, our experts will make your car look as good as it did the day you bought it.

Volkswagon and Audi: Volkswagons have some of the most unique cars on the market, but our team of technicians is more than a match for its needs. If you have a classic Volkswagon, our team can make it look years younger.

BMW: BMWs are known for their exceptional quality, which is why you should keep yours in exceptional condition. Restoring your BMW is easy and affordable, and our technicians specialize in all BMW models, classic and modern. Our team will get you driving with the top down on the streets of St. Petersburg in no time.

Nissan and Infiniti: If your Nissan or Infiniti has been in an accident, our team can restore it to its original condition. Nissans are unique because they are built on an FM platform, which means that the engine’s center is located behind the front wheels. Our technicians know how to work around this, so we can return your vehicle to you in no time.
Toyota and Lexus: Toyotas are known for their longevity, and our auto restoration will ensure you keep yours for years to come. Our experts provide great auto body repair following an accident, or exterior or interior detailing to keep the car free from blemishes. Lexus owners, too, can rest assured our experts can tune their car for maximum performance.

Mercedes-Benz: The world’s oldest auto brand, our technicians know how important it is to keep a Mercedes-Benz in pristine condition. We have experts in all Mercedes-Benz models, and we can restore yours to perfect showroom quality following an accident or years on the road.

Our cars are like family, and we should treat them as such. If you have been in an accident, or have spent years driving everywhere, our team is here to help. Northwest Auto Collision can restore any automobile in St. Petersburg to mint condition. Don’t hesitate – call us today for a quote on your auto restoration!